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Welcome to the website for New Look Laser Tattoo Removal, Austin's leading provider of laser tattoo removal. We invite prospective patients to visit the website for Austin's Eraser Clinic for laser tattoo removal treatments in Austin.

New Look, with offices in Austin, Dallas, and Houston, performs more laser tattoo removal procedures than any other speciality clinic in Texas. We specialize in laser tattoo removal - it is the only procedure that we perform in our Austin clinic - so you know that we have the right equipment, training, experience, and focus to give you the best results for your tattoo removal.

With laser tattoo removal in Austin, it is important to trust your procedure to specialists. A variety of lasers are used for cosmetic procedure and a tattoo removal laser is different in important ways from a laser used for hair removal. New Look Laser Tattoo Removal has built a very strong reputation in Austin, Dallas, and Houston as the go-to place for laser tattoo removal and our affiliated laser training program - New Look Laser College - is the leading institute in the world for those who seek to be trained to perform laser tattoo removal.


How Tattoo Removal Works

Laser tattoo removal is a safe, effective, and affordable cosmetic treatment that makes possible what many thought was impossible - the removal of an unwanted tattoo. At New Look, we uses a specially-designed machine called a Q-switched Nd YAG laser to break down the ink in your tattoo. Different wavelengths of light are absorbed by different colors of tattoo ink, causing them to shatter. Your body's immune system plays a key role - it removes the particles of ink causing the tattoo to fade. Over a series of sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart we'll be able to break up more and more of your ink until the tattoo is gone completely.

Will Laser Tattoo Removal Work for Me?

Tattoo removal is effective for most tattoos with some colors easier to remove than others. Black and red are the two easiest colors. Blue and green are the most difficult. Generally, older tattoos are a little bit easier to remove than new tattoos, but we've removed tattoos that range from 1 day to 50 years old. Most tattoo removal patients will need between 3 and 10 sessions, with 5 to 8 being most common for professional tattoos (done at a tattoo studio) and 3 to 5 normally needed for homemade tattoos. At New Look we've safely completed thousands of treatments on thousands of patients and during a free tattoo removal consultation we'll discuss the process for removing your tattoo.

Questions our Austin tattoo removal patients have

Austin tattoo removal patients frequently wonder about the price, discomfort, duration, side effects, and many others things related to laser tattoo removal. Over the years New Look has developed a Frequently Asked Questions sheet that will provide helpful answers to your questions. Our website is devoted to tattoo removal - the only procedure that we perform - so you will be able to learn more about the tattoo removal procedure, learn why New Look is the best place to have a tattoo removed, see a glossary of tattoo removal terms, read the aftercare instructions we provide to patients after a treatment, and see before and after pictures of laser tattoo removal.

Contact New Look Laser Tattoo Removal

New Look specializes in laser tattoo removal and understands that our Austin tattoo removal patients have many questions about the procedure and the clinic offering the treatment. Please enjoy your time on our website and feel free to call us at 512-831-4422 for a same-day response with a member of our staff or visit our contact page and leave your contact details so we can call you when convenient.

To contact our laser removal of tattoos clinic in Houston, please visit www.NewLookHouston.com.

Visit our Location page to get directions from Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Round Rock, San Marcos, Anderson Mill, Bastrop, Brushy Creek, Elgin, Jollyville, Kyle, Lakeway, Leander, Lockhart, Luling, Shady Hollow, Tayler, Wells Branch, and Windemere. New Look Laser Tattoo Removal is located at 101 Congress Ave Austin TX 78701.


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